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Despite four wins in five games, only 36 percent of Giants’ fans confident in team’s direction

Fan confidence rises with victories and falls with defeats. That is no secret. As such, the confidence New York Giants fans displayed in the direction of the team rose from 14 to 36 percent in our FanPulse survey after Sunday’s 40-16 blowout of the Washington Redskins.

After Week 8, fan confidence was at a low of just 8 percent. Four wins in five games has that on the rise.

Is what the Giants have been doing sustainable? I wrote today that it might be. John Scmeelk of joined the ‘Valentine’s Views’ podcast on Tuesday, and his take on that question was some part of the recent are sustainable, while others are not.

The Giants face the Tennessee Titans on Sunday as they continue their quest to get to 8-8 by season’s end.

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