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Giants DC James Bettcher: Turnovers usually tell the story

New York Giants coordinators speak to media once each week. Let’s look at some of the things each coordinator spoke about this week.

Defensive coordinator James Bettcher

The Giants gave up 510 yards against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and were still victorious because they created four turnovers, including scoring on one.

“The most important stat in the game is the number of turnovers, and that’s been one of the most telling stories to winning percentages is the turnover margin. Also, just defensively, the number of turnovers you create, whether it’s two, there’s a 10-year winning percentage when you create two, there’s a 10-year winning percentage when you create three. Then when you score on defense, there’s a winning percentage, and those things just don’t lie,” Bettcher said. “I don’t think any of us want to give up 500 yards like we did this last week, or give up 50 points, but at the end of the day, creating turnovers, creating field position, getting some fourth down stops, like we did in the game, and finding a way to get the ball into the end zone on defense is important, especially with the way offenses are playing right now.”

Offensive coordinator Mike Shula

On why the team’s offense has gotten better …

“I just think everybody’s getting better. Guys are more comfortable with what they’re doing, guys are more comfortable with the guy next to him and when the play is called, there’s maybe a little less thinking about it, a little more reacting to the defense. That’s our goal each and every week, is not to have our guys thinking. We just want them where they know it so well they’re just reacting to what they’re seeing in front of them and playing fast.”

Special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey

On improvement by placekicker Aldrick Rosas

“I wouldn’t say it was a ton of coaching up, I would say more of maturation. He learned from his mistakes last year. He learned the things he did right, and he learned the things he did wrong. I think just going through that process has made him better. Obviously we know we’re all going to fail our way to success, so he made a lot of mistakes last year, so now he’s just building upon the things that he did well and then learning from the things that he didn’t do so well. It was less coaching, more of maturity. We did some things with him coaching wise, just a few tweaks here or there, but he’s just growing up and getting better every week.”

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