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Giants should stay far away from Kyler Murray

The New York Giants have a top 10 pick in the NFL Draft and there are realistic scenarios where they could decide to draft Kyler Murray out of Oklahoma. However, the Giants should not even consider him anymore.

As we all already know, the New York Giants are going to need a quarterback of the future and with Eli Manning still under contract for 2019, Kyler Murray, the Heisman winner, would have been a reasonable selection for the Giants at six overall.

However, the Giants should not select Murray. They probably shouldn’t even draft a QB at all, but with the new dilemma surrounding Murray, it’s best to leave that pot unstirred.

Kyle Murray is an excellent talent.

He might be undersized, but we are living in a world where the six-foot (Murray is 5’11”) Drew Brees is one win away from another Super Bowl appearance.

However, what Kyler Murray is more of than undersized, is athletic.

I don’t think you need me to tell you that winning the Heisman Trophy is a big deal. That speaks for itself.

But, what is interesting, and rare about Murray’s talent is that he has already been drafted to the MLB by the Oakland Athletics.

That happened in the 2018, so well before he had his breakout campaign in football.

Now, Murray is declaring for the NFL Draft.

He already has a team he could report to, the A’s. But, by declaring for the Draft, it shows he might be leaning towards football. Although, nothing is confirmed.

Long time A’s beat writer and legendary sports writer, Susan Slusser had this to say on the Murray situation:

So, the tides might be saying that he is reporting to football.

The Giants do need a QB, and there is really no way of knowing where the Giants stand on drafting him right now, but it is unlikely he goes that high anyway.

Where the most interesting break in the case comes is from this:

Adam Schefter, you probably know the name, thinks that Murray could go in the first round, however:

So, basically, what I would call this situation, is a mess.

Sure, he might be committed to and likes football more, but if the A’s can throw the money, or his draft stock plummets for whatever reason from now to April, he has baseball to fall back on.

What this situation reminds me of is with John Elway in 1983 where he too had options to play for the Colts in the NFL, but didn’t want to so went to the Yankees.

Now, the A’s are not exactly the Yankees in terms of appeal, but with GM Brandon Beane and a loyal fan base, Murray could be a hero in baseball.

Or, he could get drafted into the wrong the situation and have the whole NFL thing be a flop too.

There are so many moving parts in this situation. The last thing in the world the Giants need is more drama and indecisiveness.

They could just use Eli, or whatever bridge QB they decide on, draft their defense to bolster that, which is needed, then aim for a QB of the future down the road.

Now, I don’t think anyone is really going to say that Murray was going to go to the Giants anyway.

A player like Dwayne Haskins is more likely for them.

However, this drama with the MLB stuff and the option to potentially go get millions of dollars elsewhere, is not worth it.

If the Giants were to get Murray, I would want to see him rest a year and learn from a guy like Eli Manning anyway. This whole weighing his options thing scares me if he weren’t willing to do that.

I don’t blame Kyler Murray at all for weighing his options.

I don’t blame him for trying to maximize his value and going where them money is.

If you are great at something, get paid to do it.

However, I just don’t think the Giants are in a place where they can have this kind of drama right now.

They should have to avoid answering these tough questions and making this kind of decision.

They are coming off their second consecutive season of losing over 10 games. There are better needs and they need to get their organization and ordelry conduct back as a franchise.

Not that Kyler Murray has no chance of succeeding in the NFL, if the writing on the wall is correct and he goes there, it just he is not the right fit for the Giants right now.

The Giants should look elsewhere in the Draft. Just because this Murray situation is starting to settle, does not mean it won’t become messy again.

The Giants don’t need messy right now, sometimes talent does not out-weigh the messy. They already have that dilemma with Odell Beckham Jr.

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Stay away from Kyler Murray in the draft, Giants. It is not the time or place to bring him to New York. There are just too many moving parts in a rare situation for them.

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