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New York Giants: 4 Best Draft Options at Quarterback (In Order)

Whether you love or Eli Manning or not, the New York Giants need to move on at the quarterback position in 2019.

The 49ers moved on from Joe Montana; The Packers moved on from Brett Favre; The Colts moved on from Peyton Manning.

If those franchises could move on from legends, then the Giants can move on from a legend of their own.

The reason I don’t support the idea of Manning being a “bridge” option next season, is due to the fact that the Giants need to be able to grow as a franchise.

Part of that growth is moving on from sentimentality.

A new regime has taken over – let them make the moves they feel will give them the best chance to succeed.

With that said, here are the 4 draft options I believe would best suit the Giants, in the exact order I feel they should be taken.

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4. Dwayne Haskins

I understand that Dwayne Haskins is the most popular quarterback currently connected to the Giants at the moment (emphasis on “at the moment”) but let’s not get confused here.

Just because Haskins has publicly admitted that he wants to be a Giant, and just because he received some extra media coverage due to being a Heisman finalist, doesn’t mean that he’s all of a sudden jumped up the Giants draft board.

Could the Giants love him? Sure they could.

But for someone who was barely even mentioned around Giants football a month ago, it makes me want to slow my roll a bit on all of the hype – for now.

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3. Will Grier

The fact that Giants general manager Dave Gettleman took the time out of his day to watch Will Grier in-person, means a lot in regard to their interest in drafting him.

While some are skeptical about drafting Big 12 quarterbacks, due to some of the opposing defenses they face and the offenses they play in, Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes are beginning to prove those doubts wrong.

Both quarterbacks are ranked within the top 10 at their position, according to Pro Football Focus, with Mahomes arguably the league’s MVP this season.

I still believe Grier will be a legitimate option for them in the first round as the draft approaches.

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2. Drew Lock

I am calling it right now, Drew Lock will be the talk of the NFL Combine, and due to his skill set, he will immediately jump up draft boards.

His size and arm strength will make teams drool at the potential they can unlock (no pun intended) if they get their hands on him.

Similar to Josh Allen from last season.

He has barely been mentioned when it comes to the Giants drafting him, but I think that will change come draft time when they see him up close at the Combine and during his Pro Day.

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1. Justin Herbert

Don’t kid yourself, Justin Herbert is the quarterback the Giants want.

But the reason his name has died down is simple: people need something else to talk about.

I mean, how many days and months can people talk about how Herbert fits with the Giants?

At the end of the day, Herbert has the size, mobility, arm strength, and smarts to be a franchise quarterback.

None of that has, or will, change.

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