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New York Giants

New York Giants, Brooklyn Nets, New York Mets are best in NY right now

The New York Giants, Brooklyn Nets (somehow), and the New York Mets are the three teams that come to mind the most right now in New York. Where does your team rank in this week’s EWB Power Rankings?

In a busy week with all five sports being in the heart of action, it is an extra accomplishment for the New York Giants, Brooklyn Nets, and New York Mets to be the top three.

The NFL season is winding down with only playoffs or draft on the mind, the NHL season is heating up as a playoff spot into the new year likely holds, the NBA is hitting its crunch-time, the MLB winter meetings are getting wild, and the MLS Expansion draft has come and gone.

Point blank, it has been an eventful seven days in the sports world. Double that for New York sports writers for having almost double the teams as everyone else.

We even pushed back these rankings from their usual Wednesday spot to Thursday because the Mets and Yankees hot-stove was burning too hot.

But, enough holding it off even more, here they are, this week’s EWB Power Rankings from all 12 teams we cover. Please, hold all applause until the end.



Last rank: 3

Saquon Barkley. Two game winning streak. Still in the playoff hunt despite eight losses. Saquon Barkley is so special he does not need luck. But the Giants as a team are getting a whole of it. The fact they aren’t eliminated from the playoffs yet is a miracle. A holiday miracle. They are actually worth watching. For that alone, they get the top rank. They are also just a good team. Some how.



Last rank: 9

No, this is not a typo and I am not having a mental breakdown. The Brooklyn Nets are the second best team in New York at this very moment based off the last eight days. One, Spencer Dinwiddie is amazing. Two, a winning streak? The Nets? On a winning streak in 2018? Make room in the rafters of Barclays Center because this is banner worthy. But don’t stop now, Nets. The East might be pathetic enough for you to make the playoffs by accident.



Last rank: 1

This should go to Brodie Van Waganen alone. We are in the midst of the Winter Meetings and I do not dread my life. I get to think about Mets baseball in the middle of December. The Mets blasted me with the Cano deal and could strike again at any moment. It has been YEARS since I haven’t been able to sleep on this team. They are making themselves relevant. Riveting. Truly, truly spectacular.


Red Bulls

Last week: 10

What is more “That’s so Metro” than anything, is the ability this team has to win be back. They lost the MLS Cup and failed to cap off the best MLS Regular season, literally ever, with anything special. However, I am once again hooked on this team. Off is Tyler Adams in a touching tribute. The MLS expansion happened Cincy took a great player from the Red Bulls in Hassan Ndam. That loss stings, but the Red Bulls have showed for me to have faith. Tim Parker is signed long-term to keep the defense shut down. What a week in Red Bull Land. I’ll get back in my little soccer bubble and fully convince myself once it’s the new year that “this is the Red Bulls year.”



Last rank: 2

The Islanders are once again the best hockey team in New York. They are, however, very lucky that the other two teams are horrific right now. They still are not good. But, for the week, an OT Game in the Coliseum, and a big win vs the Red Wings the game before, still has them in a playoff spot. Not the best, not the worst week. They avoid falling from grace and stay afloat in the top 5.



Last rank: 12

Good grief, they did it. They finally did it. The New York Jets won a game this weekend. Sam Darnold led a game winning drive and the defense salvaged a rookie Josh Allen to take away his ability to pass the literal football. There is nothing else to say about the Jets. I’m too shaken up that they are not near the bottom of the ranking for once. They are right in the middle this week despite a big win. That shows you how this year has gone. Try not to get embarrassed by the Texans on Saturday, yes Saturday night, too badly.



Last rank: 8

The Yankees have somehow done less than the Mets in the offseason. At least their moves were not anything out of the norm. The Yanks still nee more pitching besides just getting James Paxton. They will re-sign J.A. Happ but there has still got to be more left to do. Oh, they might get Manny Machado. That’ll give them the number one ranking for sure, but until then, thank you, next


Blue Shirts

Last rank: 6

The Rangers basically didn’t play the last week because of the new NHL rule about days off. They still do not play again until Friday. I am almost starting to worry if they will ever play again. They did beat the Panthers, but it did take them a shootout. Then they lost to the Lightning in what was a shootout for only Tampa Bay, basically. So, the Rangers are still above where I thought they would be this year but not by much. At least they are better than the Devils for now.


New York City FC

Last rank: 7

NYCFC has not really done much in the last week. David Villa is gone and they survived the expansion draft. They will continue to make moves and get better from their last season. This is the first full season with Dome Torrent at the helm and he can fix things. Also, with former Columbus Crew goalie Zack Steffen going to Manchester City, the sister club to NYCFC, there is a small ounce of hope (not even a full percent chance) that he ends up playing for NYCFC. He is an outstanding goalie. NYCFC know that first hand from 2017. Brighter days are ahead for Yankee Stadium’s newest tenants.



Last rank: 11

The Devils barely put a dent in their rankings from last week like they barely put a dent in their standings on the East. Kyle Palmieri gives me hope. Taylor Hall is getting better, but the Devils still cannot get either one of their goalies to do things that help them. They got a long way to go. They can legit go from #1 overall pick to playoffs back to #1 overall pick in three seasons. Fix the product.


Buffalo Josh Allen’s

Last rank: 5

The Bills lost to the Jets. Quite frankly, they should be last. But, Josh Allen continues to shine. He had bad turnovers that cost the Bills the game. However, he makes up for it by being the entire offense each and every week. The Bills are 4-9 but it is not Allen’s fault. The Bills were dumb enough to build just a defense and have a rookie QB be the rest of the team. So, that is why their broken formula put them at this record. Brighter days are ahead for Bills fans, trust me, Josh Allen is going to be special. Someone get me a table.



Last rank: 4

Ha. Ha. Ha. The Knicks. Boy are they awful to watch. I hate watching them quite frankly, but still cannot look away. Kevin Knox is having a great month and the Knicks continue to spread production and get decent minutes from guys like Emmanuel Mudiay who wouldn’t see half the minutes he is getting if he was on any other team. But, do not take the last ranking too hard, Knicks fans. There is 1 big reason over at Duke (*sees what I did there*) that all the losing and embarrassing performances are okay.

Well, there you have it, folks.

The MLB hot stove finally cooled off enough for me to be able to publish this article for you all to read.

Where does your team rank? Are the Nets too high? Are the Jets too low after a big win?

Feel free to give us a power ranking of your own in the comment below.

Just remember, New York sports don’t stop so neither do we.

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