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New York Giants quarterbacks in the news for wrong reasons

Perhaps, the New York Giants fanbase ought to pay attention more at about what’s actually happening in East Rutherford, instead of what’s going on social media.

This week, the Eli Manning detractors and defenders came out in full force, as the New York Giants continued to scuffle. At 1-7, they continue to be one of the worst teams in the NFL. To add insult to injury, rookie signal-caller Kyle Lauletta was arrested in Weehawken on a host of traffic violations.

The Twitter brigade came out in full force excusing, mocking or relishing in Lauletta’s difficulty. Granted these are separate events, with the common thread of the New York Giants as the back drop.

But both situations serve to emphatically point out the current state of affairs for Big Blue. And those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

Looking a gift horse in the mouth

Since 2004, the New York Giants have not needed to look beyond Eli Manning for filling the most important position on the field. That, quite frankly, should have be a plus, but now has become a negative.


Let’s give Manning credit for playing through thick and thin. Part of his longevity, especially compared to his compatriots, Ben Roethlisberger and Philip Rivers, is his avoidance of danger, especially recently. Granted both Big Ben and Rivers are sturdier, but both guys will put themselves in harm’s way to further the drive.

The last time we saw Manning do that was in Super Bowl XLII.

That mindset causes Manning to fold like a cheap suit at the slightest hint of pressure. Anyone who want to debate the issue of Manning extending the play?

Mind you this isn’t to be ultra-critical, but Manning and the team have operated under these guidelines for so long, it’s taken as normal.

It’s time for a new normal.

The time to bolster the offensive line into a clear-cut lockdown unit was five years ago. That ship has sailed, and let’s stop throwing good money after bad.

Heck, we even watched Tom Brady escape the pocket this past Monday night and gain a drive-continuing first-down. The circumstance was third-and-eight.

After 15 NFL seasons, Manning is what he is, let’s stop pretending.

Decisions, decisions

In light of Kyle Lauletta’s arrest on Tuesday, there will be the invariable debate about Davis Webb. Don’t get angry, it’s a natural reaction. Aren’t these debates why we follow sports?

I saw one Twitter post that made the point that many commuters make the same illegal move that the ill-fated Lauletta did.

So what?

Because some dude on social media wants to tell us its not a problem, doesn’t mean he’s right. The simple fact with this situation is that Lauletta should know better. He came into this position and it requires, in part, that he needs to lead by example.

This situation shouldn’t be a lifetime prison sentence, but the rookie clearly failed his first big test. Appropriate questions will arise about his decision-making ability, despite the utterings of the “no big deal” crowd. It’s time to pay attention.

For far too long, the New York Giants have operated on autopilot, and their win-loss record reflects that. Does anyone feel that the current state of affairs would have happened under Bill Parcells watch?

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