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Post-game quotebook: What the Giants were saying after loss to Colts

What were the New York Giants saying after Sunday’s last-minute 28-27 loss to the Indianapolis Colts? Let’s go inside the locker room and find out.

Saquon Barkley wasn’t buying the idea of moral victories in the NFL …

“This game obviously hurts. You know every loss hurts but when you come down to the wire and don’t find a way to finish it definitely hurts a little bit more. Got to give credit to the Colts, they played a good game.”

Barkley on the running game’s lack of production …

The rookie running back (21 carries, 43 yards) was bottled up for a second straight week. Against Tennessee a week ago he had 31 yards on 14 carries.

“At the end of the day, you can give credit where credit is due. They’re over there, they’re game planning just as much as we are. But when we make the calls, we got to execute. We got to pick up the blocking right and I got to make the right reads as a running back. That’s how the running game works. The last two weeks we weren’t able to do that. When I say we, I mean as a run game. Myself and the o-line included. We got to be better.”

Barkley will enter the season finale against the Dallas Cowboys needing 114 yards from scrimmage to join Eric Dickerson and Marshall Faulk as the only rookies to reach 2,000 yards.

Eli Manning on the difficult loss …

“It’s a tough game. You know they’re a good team and they have a good quarterback who can kind of score late on teams. So I knew we’re going to need to score more points. To not get a touchdown when we were down there that last time and had to settle for a field goal, it was tough. We got second-and-two from the five or six-yard line and then can’t get a first down. Then go backwards on second down. So we’ve got to do a better job there. Did a lot of good things throughout the course but obviously not just quite good enough.”

Manning on the interception at the end of the game …

“Just trying to hit Bennie (Fowler III) running down the middle. I probably have to look at it on film just to see. I thought I threw it in a pretty good spot, but obviously just a little high. It’s one of those deals – throw high over the middle, those guys are going to make a play. But I thought I threw it in a spot where he could make a catch on him and get a chunk right there. So, kind of had a double move called on the outside. Those situations, you’re in a bit of – you’ve got to take a shot. You’ve got to take a chance and get a chunk play. I thought I threw a pretty good ball, but obviously not.”

Cornerback B.W. Webb on the loss …

“It hurts man, a lot man. I hate losing, I’m sure everybody else in this locker room hates losing too. It sucks. It’s just not fun, man. I know outside looking in people think we don’t have anything to play for but we playing for each other in here, we playing for jobs next year so guys can come back. Everybody in here playing for their family. So it hurts, it hurts to lose.”

Safety Michael Thomas on giving up the lead …

“You can’t make mistakes. It’s a team (the Colts) fighting for their playoff life. We played well enough to win, just not down the stretch. Too many mistakes in the fourth quarter.”

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