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The Giants should trade Eli Manning to the Jaguars, get draft picks

The New York Giants have no shot at making the playoffs and the Eli Manning has run out of magic. So, the Giants should trade Eli to the Jacksonville Jaguars. Here is how everyone could win.

A lot of things in life are just meant to be and it could not feel truer than it does right now with the Eli Manning to the Jacksonville Jaguars thing.

Ever since Tom Coughlin, Eli’s old coach who the New York Giants won two Super Bowls with, took over in Jacksonville, it was easy to think that the window opened for Eli to join him.

Eli has been declining in his ability, he has run out of magic, and can no longer succeed on a bad team.

Last year, the Giants decided to not go after a QB in the quarterback-rich 2018 Draft class. Saquon Barkley, who the Giants did draft is a stud, so that is not the point.

However, what is the point, is that by doing so, and I am not saying this was the wrong decision, is that by going after a running back instead of a QB, it left the Giants with Eli for this season.

That has not worked out.

So, and this is exactly what destiny is, there is still a way to have Eli be an asset to this team now, and in the future.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, who have the most significant ties to the Giants in the NFL, now have a pressing need for a QB.

This is why it would be perfect for the Giants to trade him there.

The Jags have officially benched Blake Bortles, for Cody Kessler. Essentially, they have given up on Bortles and want to go in a new direction.

The Jaguars, are fresh off an AFC Championship game loss. They do not need to rebuild entirely just yet. Most of their defense is still young and Leonard Fournette, their running back is a baller.

What has taken a talented Jaguars team to 3-8 on the year is almost 100% the lack of a QB. It is really their only need, somewhere, they are still that playoff team.

So, all the Jags need to do is get a bridge QB who can still help them win in this window and not be a complete liability like Bortles was.

They do not need to go get a franchise QB, at least not settle for one because it would be the same it is now.

That is where Eli Manning comes in.

Eli is a veteran QB who showed he can still win with a great young defense and has been to the playoffs, and in situations like this before. He could be the perfect bridge the Jaguars need.

So, what is in it for the Giants?

They could trade Eli for draft picks, and then use those picks to get a QB in the draft and usher fully into their rebuild.

I’m going to propose a trade, this stuff gets really complicated with all the money that needs to be moved around and stuff, but Eli is getting older, but still a great option for the Jags.

A trade could look something like this:

Jaguars Get

QB Eli Manning, 2019 4th Round Draft Pick

Giants Get

2019 2nd Round Pick, 2019 3rd Round Pick

This would be a fair trade. Again, give or take a few assets here and there, but something like that would be reasonable for both sides.

But, this opens the doors for endless possibilities. What could happen now is the Giants could either package those picks to move up higher in the first round to get a QB, like Will Grier, if need be.

Or, the Giants can simply just have even more picks in the draft to get better and let Dave Gettleman build his team.

The Giants also have other options this offseason, they can use this proposed Eli trade to get a QB like Jacoby Brissett, who has no need on the Colts, or even, dare I say, Nick Mullens if he keeps playing well.

Bottom line is this, the possibilities are endless for the Giants this offseason if they trade Eli. The Giants could trade Eli to anyone, but no team makes as much sense as the Jaguars.

It would be bittersweet to see Eli go, but if get the Giants assets on the way out, that is great and he will be remembered for doing so.

The Giants, as far as this year is concerned, should try to play Kyle Lauletta. Maybe even Alex Tanney, I don’t care just someone else.

Just see what they got and avoid Eli Manning getting injured. Eli is only an asset if the Giants make him one.

The Jaguars, to get back to the proposed trade, would get a fair return too, in that 4th rounder.

The price for Eli might even be a little steeper, but he is aging and nothing more than a bridge, a starter for a year or two max, for a team.

Regardless, the Giants need to move on from Eli Manning. It might cost them some fans, it might mean stinking for a while, but it is for the best.

It is not often an opportunity presents itself for a team to trade a declining, Hall of Fame QB, like the Giants have right now.

Eli Manning is a big part of the Giants’ future if they handle the last part of his career correctly.

Trading him makes too much sense, if all else fails, at least have him take a pay cut and back someone up next year.

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